Laura R. Shank
When I was a kid you could find me two places: with my nose buried in a book or on stage. Reading, writing, and performing were a huge part of my life, and I pursued them in any way I could. Poetry, songs, short stories, plays, self-directed movies, and much more, my childhood and adolescence were spent storytelling.
I moved to New York City in 2011 to pursue a career in acting and blogged the entire experience. You can still read about it, although some of the links may be broken, it’s a testament to the time I spent in the city. I landed an acting job in 2013 that moved me to Raleigh. After a tough year and some self-reflection, I decided I was better suited to a career in writing. I shifted my focus, blogging lifestyle and advice articles. I wrote my first book in 2014, a memoir-style novella. It was awful, but it helped me realize that I could do it - I could write a book. I wrote my first full-length novel in 2015, and have finished two more since.
I believe my background as an actress and performer helps me bring characters to life. I’ve always loved a great story, from fantastical and whimsical elements to characters facing obstacles and overcoming despite the odds. I hope that I can tell stories that motivate, inspire, and change. That influence others the way I have been influenced by books, movies, and stories.
I’m always looking to improve, I’ve spent years building a daily writing habit, from a single sentence a day, to one page a day, to multiple pages a day. I’m able to start and finish drafts by simply writing through the blocks and the doubt. I’ve continued my quest to finish at least one page a day for over a year, including writing on birthdays, holidays, a sightseeing trip around Japan, and on a cruise!
My current goal is to finish my manuscript - including taking it through a full editing process, polishing it, and to sell it. As writing is an isolating activity, I am always looking for a way to connect with other creatives, whether they be writers, designers, artists, or anything in between. You can find me on the r/fantasywriters subreddit, where I check-in (mostly) every Wednesday. I also post to the monthly challenges when I can. Or, follow me on Instagram: LauraRShank